product market combination (PMC) is a unique combination of a product for a specific group of customers. In order to achieve a product market combination, a demarcation for the product is necessary.

How do you arrive at a demarcation for your product?

  • For which specific (potential) customers is the product intended?
  • How many customers do I have in the market?
  • What are my best customers?
  • What is the size of the target group?

What is the customer’s problem?

  • What problem does the customer have?
  • What does the customer need to do business with me?
  • Is the customer’s problem big enough?
  • Is the problem comparable to other entrepreneurs?
  • Does the customer want to share his problem with the clients?

How do you arrive at possible solutions?

  • What solution is the customer happy with?
  • When would the problem be solved for the customer?
  • Does the customer want to invest in a solution?
  • What can the customer solve himself?
  • Does the customer also want to cooperate in a solution?

What contribution do you make for the customer?

  • How can our product contribute to a solution for the customer?
  • Is the product distinctive enough in relation to the solution for the customer?
  • Does the solution come in custom or standard work?
  • Are the references of the product or company strong enough to convince the customer?

What is the final result?

  • What does the product provide for the customer?
  • To what extent does the company itself earn from the collaboration?
  • Can the result be measured afterwards?
  • Can the result be shared with other entrepreneurs in the target group?

Which marketing models can you formulate a PMC with?