The customer analysis which (potential customers) organizational charting. To make the customer analysis, you analyze Ferrel’s w’s using four questions. At the end of this article I will indicate which steps you can take to develop a market stragic based on your customer analysis.

Do I need the Customer Analysis?

You need the Customer Analysis if you want to map out the unconscious behavior among potential customers. The organization can change its strategy based on the changed need.For example, new campaigns are being introduced to respond to customer behavior by means of a survey, for example.

Which variables do I need?

The Customer Analysis

  • Who are the current and potential customers?
  • What do current and potential customers do with the product or service?
  • Where do current and potential customers purchase the product or service?
  • When do current and potential customers purchase the product or service?
  • Why do people buy from the company?
  • Why don’t people buy from the company?

Customers are understood to mean:

  • customers or manufacturers (suppliers)
  • traders (buyers)
  • consumers (end users)

How can I apply the customer analysis?

The interview or desk research has been carried out and is processed on the basis of question and answer. The next step in the process is to make a segmentation of the target group. From this position you answer the following questions:

  1. Which groups show similar behavior?
  2. What are possible user situations?
  3. For what purpose do customers use the product or service?
  4. Which features or characteristics do the buyers well?
  5. Does the product or service have a distinctive character?
  6. Is the customer satisfied with the product or service?
  7. Will changes occur in the near future?

What can I get out of it?

It enables the company to see new opportunities and threats from a buyers’ point of view. This allows opportunities to be exploited and threats to be repelled. The organization understands the customers better and is better able to apply its marketing strategy.

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