The sales funnel is an important sales tool. The sales funnel analysis is a funnel that guides future customers through the sales process. The market consists of players who are shown in the sales factory. The sales funnel leads to profit and is a good addition to your product or service.

Do I need the sales funnel model?

You can use the sales funnel when you launch a new product or service. The final analysis gives you a clearer picture of the market and your target group. The model focuses on segmenting into customer groups.

A not yet commonly used model is the sales factory . This model is just a step higher . You need the sales factory to be able to monitor the continuity of sales and to analyze how the market changes. You can respond to these changes.

Which variables do I need?

For the sales funnel you need the following variables:

  • Visitor: not yet aware of service or product
  • Lead: these are customers who have dropped out of the visitor selection (interest in your product or service)
  • Quotation: why should leads purchase your product from you?
  • Euros: the customer has made a purchase
  • Customer: the visitor has become a customer

For the sales factory you need the following variables (players):

  • Buying platform: The large market, customers are 18 years or older
  • Work platform: This platform contains existing customers to do business again
    • Crosselling: These are existing customers who will buy a different product than last time
    • Deepselling: These customers are buying more of the same
    • Upselling: These customers will buy more expensive variants of the same product type
  • Market platform: You will turn these players into customers.

How can I apply the sales funnel?

The sales factory provides an indication of the players who will guide you through the sales process. The buying platform contains players who are older than 18 and who do not yet know your product or service. It is up to the entrepreneur to increase awareness.

Then you have to deal with the work platform. This platform contains existing customers with whom you can start doing business again. This can be achieved through various forms of selling. This includes cross-selling, deep-selling and upselling.

For your sales funnel you focus on one of these players. With the help of the STP Process segment the target group for your product or service. You throw the target group that is segmented into the sales funnel , as it were .

You devise a strategy to turn the visitor into a lead. You generate interest and offer your service. For this you have to think of a solution / frustration of the customer. This way, the frustration is removed by means of your product or service.

What can I get out of it?

Partly because of the SDP model, you know who your target group is. As a result, the approach of the sales factory in combination with the sales funnel can lead to improved margins and an increased chance of success, because less loss of orders is issued to the competition.

The sales factory also ensures an improved and structural qualification of the customers you have brought in. These customers are fully attuned to your product or service.

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