The SIVA model and the 4 P’s marketing mix are models that have been introduced to analyze the target group. After all, customers are the raison d’être for your company. In this article I answer 4 questions whether you should use the SIVA model or the 4 P’s marketing mix.

Do I need the 4 p’s marketing?

The 4 P’s marketing strategic is aimed at a production company . The model does not think from the customer’s perspective, but production-oriented. The organization thinks how they can best position themselves on the market with the four variables of the marketing mix. You can also use the 4 Ps for your internal analysis and implementation plan.

Which variables do I need?

4 P’s Marketing Mix

  • Marketing mix product
  • Marketing mix price
  • Marketing mix promotion
  • Marketing mix takes place

How can I apply the analysis?

4 P’s Marketing Mix

The product marketing mix determines which properties fulfill the customer’s needs. Some of the features are:

  • packaging
  • warranty conditions
  • options
  • customization
  • Terms of delivery
  • service

The marketing mix price determines the pricing for product or service. Some of the variables are:

  • selling price
  • discount
  • margin
  • term of payment
  • service fee
  • lifespan

The marketing mix promotion provides clarity about the communication between market and sales. This can be done by:

  • advertisement
  • image
  • information
  • publicity

The marketing mix instead determines how the product eventually reaches the consumer. Some of the variables are:

  • distribution mode
  • logistics
  • sales channels
  • availabilty
  • delivery time

What can I get out of it?

You get from the analysis how you look at the organization for the target group with the 4 Ps marketing mix and with the SIVA model you get how accessible your organization is for your target group. The 4 Ps are used in a production-oriented way.

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