The Gantt Chart stands for visualizing the planning and progress. With this marketing planning model, involved parties are instructed on the marketing planning to be carried out.

Do I need the Gantt Chart?

You need the Gantt Chart for the following reasons:

  • project activities planning;
  • to determine what the end date is;
  • project activity views;
  • determination of deadlines;
  • communication project activities;
  • coordinate and manage (project activities);
  • in monitoring progress (project activities).

Which variables do I need for the Chart?

The associated variables are different for each project. Variables are set in the marketing model environment.

  • activities;
  • start date;
  • number of periods;
  • percentage complete;
  • x number of periods;
  • highlight current period.

How can I apply the model?

When creating a Gantt chart, the tasks or activities must first be determined. The activities must then be placed in the correct order.

Once this has been determined, the duration of each activity is determined. This means that a start and end date is determined. The Gantt Chart therefore consists of different rows of activities. The bar (start and end date) is visualized. This gives you insight into elements such as:

  • what the activities are;
  • when the activities start and end;
  • the duration of the activities;
  • which activities overlap;
  • start and end (project);
  • percentage that completed the task;
  • number of days before a task is completed.

What can I get out of the Gantt?

The Chart provides a picture of identifying different activities in a project. It is a very good tool in planning marketing strategy that fits into your marketing plan.

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