Marketing strategy is a good fit between market and organization and then approaches the target group with the  4Ps Marketing .

Determination of marketing strategy

The marketing strategy consists of decisions regarding:

  1. determining the target group;
  2. determining the budget;
  3. achieving objectives


The formula often used for marketing strategy is the following:

The “who” question

  1. Who is the target group?
  2. How can you reach the target group?
  3. Which people do you want to address?
  4. Which people do you want to provoke?

The “when” question

  1. What is the best date to approach the target group
  2. Which time provides the most interaction?

The “true” question

  1. Where is the best place to run the campaign
  2. Which social media channels are most effective for this campaign?

The “with what” question

  1. What is the best way to express the campaign?
  2. Which content is suitable and appeals to the target group.

The “how” question

  1. How do we ensure that the marketing runs smoothly?
  2. Which people are responsible for the different actions to be taken?

Some conditions

  • clear mission;
  • clear positioning;
  • added value;
  • distinctiveness;

Marketing strategy example

For example, Coolblue (Dutch Company) is well known in the electronics market. They have also been active in the solar panels industry for a short time. Companies that are new to the market need to advertise and be present in the market to leave an impression at all.

Cooblue is well known for its customer-friendliness. Because they have indicated in the news that they are also going to sell solar panels, they are directing marketing strategy on branded campaigns . Most visitors go to the search engine and type of Coolbue Solar panels.

The value that Coolbue imparts is the addition of value (strong in the electronics sector) and the ability to distinguish (excellent customer service).

Determine your marketing strategy yourself