MaBa analysis is a strategic product portfolio analysis for your organization’s products or services. Every organization is supposed to make trade-offs for products or services that sell well or sell poorly. The environmental factors of the market determine the position of your products or services.

Do I need the MaBa analysis?

You need the MaBa analysis if you want to make a strategic assessment of your product portfolio. These products or services need to be weighed in the MaBa model. This allows you to decide whether you should invest or disinvest in your product portfolio.

What variables do I need?

The MaBa analysis is an abbreviation for MA: Market Attractiveness and BA: Bussiness Attractiveness. The variables for the (MA) Market Attractiveness are:

  • Market size
  • Profitability
  • Market growth
  • Threshold for entry
  • Competitive intensity

These variables are on the Y axis (vertical).

The variables for (BA) Business attractiveness are:

  • Growth of market share
  • Imago/reputation
  • Relative market share
  • Financial aspects
  • Innovation

These variables are on the X axis (horizontal).

How to apply the analysis

The position of the PMCs (product market combination) is determined by the weighting by factor. The weighting is different for each market. You determine a weighting for each factor based on your analysis. However, the weightings below provide an indication.

MaBa analysis calculation

On the image you see a detailed version of the MaBa analysis. The first image shows the method of calculation. The calculation is the weighting of the factors (orange) * 0, 25, 50 , 75 or 100 (ranking). The results of each weighting is the total score (purple) of 1 PMC.

*Some variables cannot be calculated. These variables are assessed based on discussions with the client.

What can I get out of it?

The second image shows the position of the PMCs. The results of the MaBa analysis is an overview of the PMCs.

The position of the PMCs determine the advice towards the client. In the worst case scenario, the products are distributed in the red boxes (bottom right). In this case, the advice is to divest these products. In the best case scenario, the positions of the PMCs are distributed in the green boxes (top left).

The products are profitable and should be kept that way. The PMCs in the middle should be weighed on the basis of the size of the bubble.

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